5 Powerful Tips to Your First Lucrative Real Estate Sale

5 Powerful Tips to Your First Lucrative Real Estate Sale

To reach your maximum salary as a real estate agent, you must continuously generate leads that want to buy your listings. This cannot be done without a great marketing strategy and a thorough understanding of what your targeted prospect’s digital journey will look like.

Many real estate agents choose to work with a professional marketing team to develop a marketing strategy that provides reputation growth long-term. However, that does not mean you can’t build some of your digital platform yourself, nor does it mean you can’t make a lucrative real estate sale on your own.

In this article, we will dive into five critical tips for making your first lucrative real estate sale, including which markets are the best markets to sell within in 2020, how to contribute to trending conversations, how to build an email campaign that nurtures your prospects, why your community involvement is still essential despite the digital revolution, and more.

Market From Day One

Marketing is your backbone as an agent. It is what will skyrocket your career. You can make ten times the digital connections that you could make during a day at a community event, pitching random prospects. With online marketing, you can target prospects with the specifications necessary to make a sale with you.

So, how do you get started?

Tip 01. Make Use of Your Social Media Network

One of the greatest mistakes you can make is to not utilize the power of your social media connections. Often, agents forget that social media is about more than posting a picture or a status update. Most networks offer a plethora of opportunities to interact with people within and outside of your industry vertical.

For you to make a real estate sale using your social media network, it is crucial to make a point of interacting with what is trending in the industry, as well as leading conversations within your industry. There are multiple ways to do so.

No matter the social media network, although we recommend using LinkedIn and Instagram in this post, every “algorithm” displays what is trending. On Twitter, you can find that via the “Discovery” feed. On Facebook and LinkedIn, you can find trending topics displayed on the top right-hand corner of your desktop screen. For Instagram, you can view trending hashtags within the “Explore” tab.

Trending topics are determined by how many people post about them, or they are chosen by the network’s employed curators. There are some networks that even offer advertisers a promoted, trending slot. The idea behind a trending topic is to give it more visibility and to bring more people into the conversation.

Most times, you will not find a trending topic about real estate on the front page or at the top of the list on a social media network. This can make your job a little more difficult if you are trying to find a conversation to join.

Fortunately, you can have professionals post to these topics on your behalf and do the legwork for you -- or you can search some of these hashtags and manually add to the comment section of top posts:

  • #Realestate
  • #Realty
  • #Realtor
  • #Realestateagent
  • #Homeforsale
  • #Newhome
  • #Househunting
  • #Broker
  • #Newhouse
  • #Forsale
  • #Property
  • #Properties
  • #Listing
  • #Renovation

To start a conversation within one of these trending topics, you simply post on a network and use the hashtag of your choice. Some social networks, like Instagram, have hashtag limits. This helpful article outlines some of the best practices for hashtags across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

As an agent, you should consider the importance of posting consistency and whether you will be able to do general upkeep of committing to the conversation daily. If not, then hiring a third-party to do so for you is your best option.

Interact With Groups

Another great way to make a real estate sale through social media (or at the very least procure prospects) is to get involved with social media groups. For agents, your best bet is to join one or two real estate related LinkedIn Groups, where you can consistently contribute and add to the conversation.

Finding a group to join is as simple as using the search bar within the social network’s application. On LinkedIn, these are some of the top groups for real estate agents to join:

Joining any of these groups will allow you to be better recognized among your competition. Plus, many of these groups post regularly about upcoming trends and current news in the real estate industry. They will keep you better informed, and they will give you a framework as a success as you will have access to who your competition is and what they are doing that you can do better.

Tip 02. Create an Email Campaign People Want to Read

The second tip to making a lucrative real estate sale is to distribute email marketing campaigns. As an agent, this is likely something you want to trust to proven strategists. However, at the very least, you could send out a monthly newsletter to your clients and leads.

What Is an Email Campaign, and How Can They Aid Your Career?

An email campaign is a strategic initiative that employs the sending of multiple emails related to a singular topic or goal. For example, if your aim is to reach out to a list of leads and introduce your upcoming available leases, then rather than sending a very long email that may overwhelm them, you could send multiple emails all aligned within that same goal.

The benefit of sending an email campaign is it (a) targets a specific group of people, making your interactions more genuine, and (b) it allows you to pop into someone’s email inbox on a consistent basis (we recommend once a week) without being perceived as spam.

There are free email marketing systems, such as MailChimp, that will allow you to build entire email campaigns and email automation up to 1,000 subscribers. After that point, you would have to pay for a premium service. You could also take the route of hiring a professional, third-party service to handle all your email marketing needs.

What Can a Newsletter Do For You?

You may find it beneficial to send out a monthly newsletter containing your recent listings. The “why” is simple. The more you keep your listings in front of your prospects, the greater chance you will have of developing a sale.

If you decide to develop your email newsletter yourself, then you want to keep these tips in mind:

  • Market to Those Who Want It - The last thing you want to do is send home listings to someone who just bought a house. Take time to do some business intelligence (BI) and scope who you’re sending to.
  • Study Up on Subject Lines - Your email subject line is your first impression on your prospect. It’s also what will generate your first click or interaction. Without a good subject line, your email will simply disappear in their inbox. This article describes some tips for developing a good subject line.
  • Invest in Building or Buying a Great Template - Just like a website, your email should be designed for efficiency as much as being appealing. There are several resources, like this one, where you can purchase beautiful email templates. You can also build your own or hire a freelancer.
  • Include Ways to Connect Further - Outside of simply providing your email and number within your email, you also want to create an opportunity for people to connect with you on social media. Most email builders will include a “widget” for social media icons, which you can link to your channels. If they don’t, you can create a call-to-action at the top and/or bottom of your email that lists your channels.
  • But Wait - What Is a Call-to-Action? A call-to-action or CTA is a short sentence or shout out of sorts that gives your prospect something to interact with, such as “Read This Case Study”, “Give Me a Call”, “Schedule a Free Consultation”, etc. CTAs are powerful for conversion or getting your prospect to take the next step in your sales funnel, or breadcrumb trail, eventually leading to a sale.

Tip 03. Marketing Doesn’t Have to Only Be Digital

While being active online and immersing yourself into the digital real estate community can benefit your career, it’s also critical to remember that a printed visual can still bring you leads. It’s also key to be active in your local community, as well as interact with realtors nearby. You never know -- one connection may pan out to be your biggest annual real estate sale.

For print materials, you will want to invest in business cards, flyers, and even yard signs. You can pass out business cards and flyers at community events or local charities. When you participate in your community, don’t forget to document it, too. Supporting your local community by posting to social media can boost your reputation. Putting signs with your name and face on them throughout neighborhoods and busy streets will also help people remember you.

Though you may think reaching out to and interacting with competing agents is a bad idea, it’s actually a great idea if it means you can pool your resources. As we have mentioned before, they are your competition for a good reason. See what you can learn from them!

Understand What Turns a Lead into a Prospect

To make real estate sales that are worth your while, you must understand the tips below for getting a lead to become your prospect. Yes, most times it can come down to who you know and the connections you make. However, your digital footprint plays a huge role in converting a lead into a prospect.

Tip 04. Great Leads Come From Great Strategies

Overall, when you are trying to build a lucrative real estate client list and make equally lucrative real estate sales, the best weapon in your arsenal is your strategy. How you promote yourself and place your name in front of others is how your business and career will be perceived long-term. One misstep can essentially lead to your downfall, which is why having a trusted real estate marketing agency on your side is crucial.

How Can an Agency Help Me?

Marketing is one of the biggest pain points in the real estate industry. With every case, there is a way to generate fresh leads and help you thrive in your competitive real estate markets. It begins with creating a solid foundation for your reputation sit upon -- your digital imprint being the most important.

By talking with experts, you can have your current marketing initiatives analyzed, as well as develop a fool-proof plan for the future. This allows for efficient, targeted lead generation, and therefore creates more lucrative opportunities for real estate sales.

An agency does all of this for you - at least a great one does - and it will allow your career to skyrocket to its true potential and maybe even beyond.

Tip 05. Leads Need Visuals

When you are attempting to build an “online empire” of sorts, you need to represent your business and brand in a consistent, appealing way. Your website, your emails, your social media -- it all needs to be cohesive with one another. By doing so, you make what is called the “user experience” or “user journey” flow more effectively.

Think about it this way. Let's say a prospect engages with your social media on a daily basis. Eventually, they are bound to click one of your promoted links to your website. But, they have never seen your website. They only know you from social media. If they land on your website and suddenly everything is in a different tone of voice and the colors are all different from your social media branding, they will find themselves both overwhelmed and confused.

This can lead them to immediately bolt from your website, halting their user journey and ending their development from a lead to a prospect. The visuals you present from a digital standpoint are crucial for generating valuable real estate sales.

How to Make Your First Move

Now that you understand what all goes into making your first lucrative real estate sale, it is time you sit down with a professional strategist. Fortunately, we offer you a free consultation service.

During our conversation, we will discuss how to take your marketing to the next level and what your first moves should be as an agent. Don’t worry if you already have a digital footprint - we can help in that regard too. What matters now is you take the initiative to step up your game by getting your current online profile analyzed.

Contact GrowthSuite, today, for further help, or check out some of our other awesome posts on real estate marketing.