How to Amplify Your Sales With Real Estate Social Media Marketing

How to Amplify Your Sales With Real Estate Social Media Marketing

Imagine this: a winning sales strategy and a lead generation lottery ticket. That's what real estate social media marketing can be for you. With every industry, we are seeing that social media marketing has become a prevalent force. Real estate is no exception. As an agent, it will be in your best interest to become an expert on representing yourself across social media -- and the time to jump on board the bandwagon is now.

That said, it's no easy feat to learn the ins and outs of this thriving industry. That's why we sat down to bring you the logistics you need to get started.

Building Your Real Estate Social Media Portfolio

Did you know that 44% of home buyers in 2018 started their search online? In fact, the National Association of REALTORS Research Group reported in their Real Estate in a Digital Age 2018 Report that “99% of Millennials search online websites compared to 90% of Older Boomers and 70% of the Silent Generation”. What this should tell you is just how important your digital presence is.

Think of social media marketing as a large company. Now, think of each social media network -- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn -- as smaller departments within that company. In this scenario, YOU are the company, and your social media networks are your prime assets, striving to make you look great from every angle.

However, before each network can lift you up in the eyes of the online real estate community, you will need to provide a foundation for that winning social media portfolio.

3 Steps to Successfully Optimize Your Real Estate Social Media Profiles

Before a person ever considers buying one of your properties, they first must decide if they want to buy you. They want to study your chops, feel out your past transactions and see how well you stand against other agents.

So, how can you stand taller digitally? That's where your social media profiles come in handy.

Step 01. Turn Your Verbal Pitch Into Branded Social Media Content

As a real estate agent, you likely have a few different pitches, all based on whichever scenarios you're presented with by prospective clients. However, there is typically an underlying selling point that's the same across the board.

Take a moment. Think about it. What is that key point for you?

  • Is it the transparency you promise with each sale?
  • Or the guarantee of a good investment?

Whatever it may be - run with it. Wrap the context of your social media profiles around it. Build your profile biography around the VALUE you bring to the table. Focus on what makes you the better agent.

But, be careful. It might seem natural to call names, to point the invisible, online finger, but that won't do you any good. Haven't you ever heard the phrase, "All publicity is good publicity?" Well, that's the case on social media, too. By throwing shade at other agents or agencies, you're putting their name out there as opposed to your own.

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When it’s time to post, it’s crucial you design a plan for yourself. The plan you create doesn’t need to be lengthy or elaborate. If you find yourself consistently in a bind for time, then you may want to consider reaching out to a team of social media marketing professionals. If you do find time to post for yourself, then design a plan that invokes originality without straying too far from current trends.

For example, let’s say you want to start making YouTube videos. When you go onto YouTube, all of the top trending videos are typically “talking-head” videos or “vlogs”. You don’t see a lot of lyric videos or videos that are text-based hitting the top charts.

So, when you go to make your own video on YouTube, you don’t want to start by making the only visual element to your video text. Instead, you want to start with a foundation of what WORKS on that platform, then put your own creative spin on it.

You will hear a lot of social media gurus saying you need to be unique to set yourself apart. This is true to a certain extent. It’s great to have a unique factor that draws people in - ideally your sales pitch - but it’s also a good idea to study the status-quo. Why fix something that isn't broken, right?

But what are some of the top trends per social media channel that you should be aware of? Today, let’s take a look at the two networks you can get the most out of as a real estate agent: Instagram and LinkedIn.

Instagram is a great platform for agents due to its visual nature and to its 800 Million Active Users. As an agent, you have some room for creativity in posting the properties you represent across your Instagram. Some top agents on Instagram utilize Instagram TV, too, to provide a more in-depth glance at properties for their followers.

Utilizing video, period, can put you on the map. In fact, realtors are behind in technology trends and the ones that embrace it are leading the pack. Only 28% of realtors use Instagram, per SmartInsights’ 2019 report. Don’t let that percentage scare you. Just because the herd is small doesn’t mean it’s not worth the time or commitment. Jumping into the Instagram scene now, as opposed to later, will help your name become more prevalent before the real estate market on Instagram becomes oversaturated.

You may be worried about the “production” of it all, but you shouldn’t. Think about how many times you visit your properties. Now think about how easy it would be to snap a few pictures while you’re there, or even a short clip of the front yard. You don’t need a fancy camera. In fact, most phones have great cameras that you can rely on to take great photos.

Here are some real estate agents on Instagram that use the platform to truly boost their careers:

  • Fredrik Eklund: @fredrikeklundny (697k followers)
  • Fredrik is a real estate broker with the prestigious NYC firm, Douglas Elliman. He primarily showcases his celebrity lifestyle but also puts a prime focus on his available properties and the beautiful architecture of New York.
  • Ryan Serhant: @ryanserhant (500k followers)
  • Ryan is part of the elite real estate firm, Nest Seekers International, also in NYC. He and Fredrik share somewhat of the same spotlight, both living a life of luxury in the Big Apple. Ryan, however, shows-off his featured house listings around New York City and Long Island.
  • Josh Altman: @thejoshaltman (217k followers)
  • Mostly known for starring in Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, Josh posts on a more personal level. Rather than his feed consisting primarily of listings, he likes to show off his family and the inner workings of his business. Many of his followers feel as if they, too, are part of Douglas Elliman, the firm he works out of.

It can be easy to feel both discouraged and inspired by these real estate extraordinaires, especially if you have zero social media presence. The important thing to remember is that you have to start somewhere, and most of the time that’s from the bottom.

Most everyone knows that LinkedIn is a professional network. It’s the one where you post job updates, and where you might connect with a colleague.

Many don’t use this platform to its full extent, which is a shame - especially if you’re a real estate agent. LinkedIn can be incredibly powerful for generating leads, as well as connecting with individuals in your industry you otherwise would’ve never met.

Some top real estate influencers on LinkedIn include:

  • Adrian Provost is best known as an award-winning investment sales adviser, but he posts regularly within the real estate niche as a real estate broker, author, property developer, and media personality. Many of his followers enjoy following his journey as he turns worn-down apartments into millennial havens throughout the Southeast.
  • Eran Polack is well-known as an established real estate investor and entrepreneur throughout the U.S., Eastern Europe, and Israel. He has a keen eye for spotting trendy or up-and-coming areas, turning them into future hotspots. His followers enjoy his diverse portfolio and find inspiration in his go-getter attitude.
  • Linda Day Harrison is the founder of theBrokerList. Some consider her the “Switzerland,” of Commercial Real Estate, as she brings together small and large companies no matter their affiliation. She’s the perfect example of someone who set out to make a name for herself and worked up to a point of influence and recognition.

The key to LinkedIn is to remember it’s less about how many people follow you and more about who is following you, as well as what kind of value you bring to the table. It’s important to reach out and connect with other influencers in your industry. Yes, that even includes your competitors.

Why? Because when someone stumbles upon your competitor, they will then also stumble upon you. Of course, it works the other way around, too. But if you followed our first step to set yourself apart by integrating your sales pitch and value into your profile, then you’ll win the battle.

It could be to your benefit to seek out a consultation with a top-tier real estate marketing firm. Nine times out of ten, they can help you get a clear idea of what direction you should take your social media presence.

Gaining a deep understanding the problems that customers face is how you build products that provide value and grow. It all starts with a conversation. You have to let go of your assumptions so you can listen with an open mind and understand what’s actually important to them. That way you can build something that makes their life better. Something they actually want to buy.
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These days, it’s not enough to only post. You will need to be active within your social media community of real estate agents. But how?

Well, there are a few spots you can look for community conversation across pretty much any social media network:

  • See What’s Trending - This is possibly the easiest way. However, it’s not too often you will find a real estate related tag simply trending on the front page of your favorite social media network. That said, it can happen! So, always check there, first.
  • Discover Community Hashtags - All this takes is a quick and easy Google search to find out what kind of hashtags other real estate agents are using when they post. Typically, there is at least one overall “umbrella” tag that kind of catches everything, such as #RealEstate or #CRE. Try searching these general hashtags and seeing if there are any conversations going on that you can contribute to.
  • Get Involved With Other Influencers - Find some influencers within the real estate industry that love to have a good conversation. Simply join in! If they pose a question, and you know the answer, then make it known that you’re an expert.
  • Join Groups - Many social media networks have Groups or their own version of Groups, where several like minded individuals can get together and chat or post. It’s in your best interest to find a few groups that you can contribute to on a regular basis. It will help get your name out there, and it will help you make more connections within the community.

With all of these tips, it’s important to remember that you should communicate value when contributing to the conversation. Simply saying, “Congrats,” or, “That’s cool, Tom,” just won’t cut it. If you’re not sure how to relate the conversation back to your sales pitch, then move on. There are plenty of conversations happening to get involved in.

It’s also a good rule of thumb to try to stay out of controversial topics, unless your brand and image speaks directly toward that topic. This ultimately comes back to who you want your ideal lead or prospect to be. No matter what conversation you’re having, you should try to direct it back toward the people you want to sell to.

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Taking Your First Steps into Real Estate Social Media Marketing

As we wrap up this post, it’s key that you walk away with only one feeling: confidence. Social media marketing - no matter the industry - is a beast to tame and conquer. You’ll only get there if you can put your best foot forward and, in a way, fake it ‘til you make it.

Influencers aren’t made overnight. It will take time to grow your real estate social media marketing portfolio. The good news is - you don’t have to do it alone. There are some pretty great services out there to help you take your career as an agent to the next level.

That’s where we come in. If you’re new here, and have zero clue who we are, then let us sell to you for a moment. Maybe you can even grade us on our pitch!

GrowthSuite is a marketing agency for real estate agents and agencies. We exclusively work with agents, just like you, to not only make you outshine your top competitors, but also bring you as many leads as possible.

We are in the business of skyrocketing your lead generation quickly and effectively through marketing tactics refined by science. From website design to - you guessed it - social media marketing, we can help. We understand that every agent within an agency is working to build their own portfolio and business. We don’t take that lightly, and we invest our top real estate experts in ensuring we give your name the boost it needs to succeed.

Some of our solutions? GrowthSuite offers:

  • SEO and Social Media Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Website Design
  • Content Creation
  • Directory Listing Sync
  • Reputation Management

All of this under one roof as part of a simple yet effective marketing process built for you. We'll work with you to set goals and expectations for results. You'll know it's working when your goals are being met and your sales numbers are increasing. We also provide a dashboard with daily, weekly, and monthly progress reports.

Our goal is to build consistent organic traffic to your website that will last for years to come. Great marketing takes time. On average, we rank businesses on the first search engine results page within six to eight months. Imagine - in less than a year, you could be thriving more than you ever thought you could.

Let's talk - no strings attached. We’ll only ask you to commit to us when you’re ready. Until then, use these real estate social media marketing tips to guide you to your online success!